Kids Circle Games & Party Games


Preschool activities for kids, prek kids games, Party games and more for children to have fun with!Kids circle games, party games and learning activities for circle time are simple ideas that make learning fun for preschoolers, toddlers and young children.

These preschool activities and games are great ideas for kids parties, sleepovers, and for fun, simple preschool circle activities to use in daycare classrooms.

These kids circle games and party ideas can also for use at home for some fun, rainy day activities when you are trying to keep children entertained and educated with new, interesting ideas. Your preschoolers & toddlers will love these simple activities and games anytime!


Guess The Shadow Game

What To Do for this Circle Game:

Get a white sheet and place it on an open area on a wall in your home or at the preschool classroom.

Have one of the preschool children sit on a chair facing the sheet on the wall.

At the opposite side of the room have a lamp sitting on a table or something level with the room.

You can now have the preschool kids (players) walk between the ‘guessing player’ (facing the sheet), and the lamp on the table to cast their shadows on the wall, one at a time!

The ‘guessing player’ must try to identify each other child’s shadow one at a time as they walk by.

The students casting shadows can try to alter their shadows to make it more difficult and fun.

The children who have their shadows correctly identified, now becomes the ‘guessing player’.

**You then repeat the game play. You can also play music softly in the background for more fun!



Kids Musical Bumps

How this Circle Activity (Game) Works:

Play some fun, happy energetic music or high energy childrens music. All the preschool children have to run, skip, dance, hop, jump, etc. while the music plays in the room or in the background!

As soon as the music is stopped by the ‘music person’, they must sit on the floor as quickly as possible!

The last preschooler or child to sit down on the floor is out of the game or becomes the music helper for the next round.

*This is a fun party game for kids or preschool activity that keeps the children active and can be played inside or outside. It makes for a great rainy day activity for children and keeps children active.


Pass the Parcel Game

How the Circle Activity/Party Game Works:

This is a fun, simple preschool activity or kids party game for children for those rainy days or just simply for fun in the preschool class.

Sit the preschool children or young children in a circle.

Play some fun lively music for the preschoolers and young children.

Pass the parcel in one direction around the circle. When the music stops, the child with the parcel gets to remove one layer of paper.

Continue on until the music stops again…and allow the next student to remove one layer etc.

Be sure you have enough layers so everyone gets to remove a layer of paper.

When totally unwrapped you can give it to the last child as a gift or have the child identify the item.