Superbowl Theme & Football Lesson Plan Ideas for Kids

Ideas for a football or superbowl theme for you and your children.Superbowl – everyone is talking about it. It’s the perfect time to create a fun football lesson plan for the pre k children in your class or your kids at home.

Most children are fascinated by sports and are interested in playing them or watching sports like football, baseball, hocket etc. on television with their parents.

Teaching children about sports such as football at a young age can help kids to gain an appreciation for a sport and may lead to them being involved in playing sports and being more active and to adopt a healthier lifestyle as they get older.

From coloring pages, snacks and books, there are many ways to make a fun Superbowl lesson plan theme the preschool children will love. Check out the lesson ideas below.


Fun Super Bowl Football Party Activities:

What are some football or Superbowl related activities and ideas you could use to get this theme going?

  1. Make football snacks.
  2. Play outside with footballs
  3. Talk about how the footballs are shaped differently.
  4. Compare how footballs bounce differently to other regular balls – In what other ways are they different?
  5. Get football coloring pages for the kids to color.
  6. Find books about football for kids.
  7. Get Football related pictures… etc. *
  8. Find songs and music about football
  9. Get some football shirts or jerseys or make your own.


Can you think of other Super Bowl Party Activities?

There are a lot of great preschool themes and lesson plans for kids you can use that are fun and educational for children.

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