Best Good Morning Songs & Welcome Songs for Preschoolers

When you are looking for song ideas to welcome children be sure to try these FUN Good Morning songs and Welcome songs for preschool. These songs are fun ideas to get your preschool children going and introduce them to fellow preschoolers in the morning using even some of the awesome hello songs etc as found below.

Give these fun Morning songs a try today!

Hello Good Morning Song

This is a fun energetic Good Morning song set to the tune of ‘La Cucaracha.’

Good Morning Song

This is a great song for circle time that encourages children to sit for circle when you include each students name in the Good Morning song. This is a classic Good Morning tune that many ece’s and educators may be familiar with.

Hello Songs (Here We are Together, Have a Happy Day, Telephone Song for Kids)

Various Hello songs and Welcome Songs are presented and demonstrated for use during preschool circle to welcome children. Songs Have a Happy Day, Here We are Together & the Telephone Song are presented. Children love these fun Hello songs and ideas. Check them out and give these song ideas a try.

Good Morning Good Morning Song

Her is a variation of the Good Morning song. This song is demonstrated and gives you an idea of how to use this fun song as a Good Morning song and a Hello song or introduction song for the children in your preschool classroom during circle time.

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Song

A fun Good Morning song that uses some fun, simple actions for the children to use during circle while singing along to the song. This is a fun simple Good Morning song with actions for kids that they will love.