Homemade Bird Feeders for Preschoolers Science Activity

simple home made birdfeeder as a science activity for kids.Preschool science activities help to make learning fun for children and preschoolers as they discover new things. Science ideas are everywhere, and there are opportunities to teach new ideas and discoveries to children through many common everyday activities, and items.

Take a good look around and see all the science that is around you.

This will help you come up with some great, simple activities and lessons for your preschoolers and young children.

This simple homemade bird feeders for preschoolers idea that can work as a fun science activity for the children in your care to learn about different birds and what they eat, their colors and more. Get more ideas below on this simple bird feeder activity.

Science Activities & Lesson Plan About Birds:

This homemade bird feeders for preschoolers science activity (below) is fun for children as they get to make their own feeder for the birds that are local to your area.

You can use this opportunity to help the children to learn about birds, the different types of birds, what they eat and the different colors of birds.

You can even observe and discuss the types of birds we see in the winter, and which type you see in the spring and summer etc. You can build up your own bird theme lesson plan for the kids by talking about winter birds, summer birds etc.

You can have colorful pictures of birds in your area. Discuss the names of the birds in your area and identify them.

You could read books about your local birds, learn about what they eat and have coloring pages about different birds. This bird feeder activity would even be appropriate for earth day activities.

Be sure to search out all our science activities and lessons on this preschool website that you can use with the children in your care to help them learn and experience new things.

Kids Science – Homemade Bird Feeders

What you need for this Kids Bird Feeder Activity:

  • Pine Cones
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bird Seed
  • String
  • Butter knife or plastic knife (always supervise kids)
  • Container or large plastic grocery bag (to put bird seed in)

What this Bird Feeder Activity Involves:

  1. Take the string, cut it to a reasonable length and tie it to the top portion of the pine cone where it will stay securely. (Make sure you have enough length to attach to a tree branch allowing it to hang a little bit)
  2. Using the butter knife or plastic knife, spread a moderate amount of peanut butter on the pine cone covering as much surface as possible.
  3. (Be sure to supervise children with the knife)
  4. Pour a bunch of bird seed in the plastic bag or container.
  5. Take the pine cone which has been covered in peanut butter and roll it in the bag with the bird seed and try to get bird sticking to every area of the peanut butter.
  6. Take the pine cone out and hang it on a tree branch so they can be easily accessible to birds and easily visible to you.

You Can Document & Discuss Your Science Discoveries:

You can make many learning ideas and activities into a science activity by observing reactions and asking questions about what children have noticed or learned. Questions like:

  • How long does it take birds to eat them? 1 day, 2 days…?
  • How long were they in the tree before the birds noticed them?
  • What type of birds were eating them?
  • What colors were the birds that were eating them?
  • What types of bird seeds do the birds like the most?

This is a fun, hands on crafty type of science related activity where the children learn about birds and get to do something nice for the birds and for the earth. Give the homemade bird feeder activity a go with your children and help them learn about birds.