Preschool Ocean in a Bottle Science Activity For Kids

Ocean in a bottle science and sensory activity for preschoolers.This ocean in a bottle preschool science activity is one of those kids science activities that enhances a preschool child’s sense of touch, sound and sight.

It helps the children in the preschool class to develop language, social skills and cognitive learning all using a fun, simple science idea.

The ocean in a bottle activity is really interesting looking and fascinating to the children when made correctly using a variety of interesting materials and colors.

Give this cool pre k science activity a try-the children will be fascinated & entertained with the finished product.

Items Required for this Science & Sensory Activity:

  • a 500ml clear water bottle (label removed)
  • water
  • blue or green food coloring
  • cooking oil OR baby oil
  • sparkles (optional)
  • shells (optional)
  • mini sea shaped plastic pieces (optional)
  • glue gun
  • stickers (optional)


What to do for this Activity:

  1. Start by filling the the clear plastic bottle half full with some water. Simply mix some food blue and/or green food coloring dye in it and shake up the water in the bottle with the lid on for a few seconds.
  2. Next fill the clear water bottle up the rest of the way with water (just to the end of the neck to leave some additional space for the water to rise when you add the items).
  3. Take the sparkles, shells and or little plastic ocean pieces and add them in the water.
  4. Use your hot glue gun and hot glue the lid onto the clear plastic water bottle so that it cannot be opened again by the children. (sparkled hot glue looks great, you can find it in any craft store)
  5. Put only a few small stickers on the outside of the clear bottle if desired.
  6. Shake up the bottle and have fun with your ‘Ocean in a Bottle’ science activity for kids. The colored water and the little ocean pieces and sparkles really add to the ocean theme.


Other Ways to Use This Idea:

You could use this kids activity idea along with a ‘Ocean Theme Lesson Plan for the kids in your classroom. To help them to discuss and learn about the ocean. Books, pictures and songs about the the ocean and sea could be used to build a simple lesson plan for the kids. You can get more lesson plan ideas in our lesson plan section.


Educational Video on How to Make The ‘Ocean in a Bottle’ for Kids:


The educational ‘ocean in a bottle’ video above shows you how you can make this fun, science ‘Ocean in a Bottle’ activity for children to play with and have fun learning. You can see how simple this idea really is for young children.

Its a simple activity that preschool children will be fascinated with and could even be incorporated into a lesson plan about the ocean if you wanted.