Printable Shape Flashcards Online for Preschool

Free printable shape flashcards in black and white for teaching kids.Printable flashcards for pre k kids and toddlers make teaching fun. Flashcards come in a variety of lessons or topics like shapes flashcards, animals, numbers, alphabet letters, colors, math and many more.

These black and white shape flashcards printable items below help preschoolers, toddlers, kindergarten and other young kids to learn to identify the different shapes and develop faster comprehension skills.

 Learning shapes is a simple, fundamental part of teaching preschoolers and toddlers.

There are many books about shapes and shapes song ideas like these shapes song for preschool ideas & activities with which you could develop a lesson for teaching kids all about this topic of shapes and identifying shapes.

Please explore this preschool website for more learning ideas and be sure to see all shape printables below for teaching your kids today.

Tips on Printing & Storing Your Flash Cards

Flashcards Printout @ 8.5″ x 11″

*To print these printable shapes flashcard pages, simply ‘right click’ using your mouse and ‘Save As’ a specific file name somewhere on your computer where you will find them again. You can then open the file page you wish to print.

**Keep in mind some flash cards consist of colors and will use more colored ink to print.


Free Shape Flashcards for Printing:

(Cards Print @ 8.5″x11″)

Printable Flashcards For Kids-Shapes Flashcards

Printable Flashcards – Black and White Shapes 1

Printable Flashcards for kids-Shapes..

Printable Flashcards – Black and White Shapes 2

Printable Flashcards For Kids-Shapes..

Printable Flashcards – Black and White Outline Shapes 3

Printable Flashcards for kids - Shapes..

Printable Flashcards – Black and white Outline Shapes 4



Make Your Own Shape Flash Cards for Teaching:

Another option, aside from printing or buying these flash cards for use in teaching your kids, is to make your very own.

Using construction paper, draw out your own shapes or use a stencil and trace out shapes on to the paper. Then cut out and paste the different paper shapes and glue them onto cards and print the name of the shape on the back of the flashcard.

You can use different colors of paper and make the cards 2 in 1 for teaching the preschool children. You could have them identify the shape & identify the color.

Ideas like this make learning fun and simple for children.

Note: To make your homemade flash cards last longer, laminate them for protection against rips and moisture.