Free butterfly template printable sheets can be found on this page below.

Feel free to print out any one of our butterfly cutout printable sheets below to use with teaching your preschoolers and young children.

Butterflies are often a popular theme for learning and for art projects. Use these printable butterfly templates to make paper butterfly crafts, butterfly art and other simple beautiful butterfly creations with the children in your classroom or at home.

Free Butterfly Cut Out & Templates Below

Select a butterfly cut out sheet below to meet your craft or art needs. Save your printable and simply print the template out and use as needed. Please share this template page with others.

Very Large Butterfly print out

This is an example of what the very large printable template looks like. Full sized Printable version at link below.

Very Large Template (printable version)

Large & Medium Butterfly Template print out

Large and medium butterfly template and outlines for printing.
This is a sample of what the large butterfly printable template looks like with a medium sized butterfly. Full sized Printable version at link below.

Large & Medium Template (printable version)

Medium Butterfly Template print out

This is a sample of the medium printable butterfly template. Download the Full sized printable version at the link below.

Medium sized template (printable version)

Medium Sized Butterfly Template print out

Butterfly stencil cut out
This is a sample of the medium sized printable butterfly template with multiple cut out outlines. Download the full sized printable version at the link below.

Medium Size with Multiple Butterflies Template (printable version)

Small Butterfly Template print out

Small multiples butterfly template printable.
This is a sample of what the small multiples printable butterfly template printable looks like. Download the full sized printable version at the link below.

Small Multiples Template (printable version)

Print out any of the above printable butterfly outlines and cut out the images. The above templates print out on full size 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Print as many as you like to use with your children to make various butterfly crafts, butterfly art ideas and more.

Printing Your Butterfly Outlines & Templates

These templates will print out at full size. You can print on standard white printer paper or you can print on different colored card stock so that you can have colored butterflies for your art and butterfly crafts.

Colored Card stock for your Butterflies:

You can print theses templates out on colored card stock for a variety of colorful butterflies for your paper butterfly crafts and art ideas.

You can also purchase a variety of of glitter paper to print your butterfly template and outlines on to. These glittery papers will add a nice touch to your paper butterflies for your crafts.

Make Paper Butterfly Art & Craft Ideas

Print out your butterfly template on paper and outlines of butterflies on your selected paper or colored card stock.

Cut out your printed butterflies from the paper.

Paper Butterfly Collage

You can make a fun collage of the various printed butterflies and glue them on to a large piece of colored card stock. Try mixing different colored butterflies with different sizes of butterflies to make a fun collage.

Paper Butterfly Wall Art

Take various sizes and colors, glitter paper colors etc. of your cut out butterflies and fold them down the center. You can apply a bit of adhesive and stick your butterflies in a colorful pattern on a section of wall for a creative art display for your classroom. Get the children involved to have them help you place them.

Butterflies on a Stick Art Idea

Use some of your small or medium sized butterfly cut outs in various colors printed on card stock (for some firmness). Stick the butterflies to a piece of pipe cleaner, drinking straws or popsicle sticks. Display them around the classroom.

Decorate Your Butterfly Cut Outs

Print out and then cut out some large or very large butterflies. Have each child use markers, or glue and glitter or glitter glue to decorate and add fun designs to their butterfly. Display them around the room or send them home as a fun artistic gift from the children.

These are just some artistic ideas you can use these free butterfly template cut outs for with the children in your classroom. Get creative with other ideas and have some fun.