Pre K Kids Musical Instruments Activities

Making musical instruments for kids and preschoolers.Preschool art activities and learning ideas are endless for teaching children. Often times there are several great ideas for preschool activities and fun right in your own home but you don’t even realize it.

Good activities help children to learn and explore new areas of learning thru creating and through participation. This making musical instruments for kids activity is a great example of this.

Children love music and songs. As a result of this well known fact, a fitting child activity for kids would be to make some musical instrument like drums or shakers for them.  These music instruments help kids to make their own ‘music’ or to play along with music that may be playing in your home or in the pre k classroom or school.

The pre k children can also take this opportunity to decorate and create their musical instrument as a simple creative art activity. You can use our musical theme coloring pages as well, and could create an entire music themed lesson for kids to learn from.


Making Musical Instruments for Kids

Music helps kids to learn to keep rhythm. They may dance and move to the beat of the music or at least try to copy the other children or you as the teacher or parent. Music can also help stimulate their minds, physical & mental development and even their co-ordination skills.

Below are a few fun preschool kids activities for making and using these fun musical instruments in the classroom with your preschoolers and kindergarteners.


Making A Musical Shaker:

Musical instruments are fun to make for children. Kids will love to make their own special musical instrument. This musical shaker activity makes it fun for kids to play along with music and learn about keeping beat, or rhythm.


What You Need For This Preschool/Kindergarten Activity:

  • 1 small or medium sized plastic bottle (*do not use glass for safety reasons) A variety of small containers could be used.
  • Rice, soy beans or other similar non-perishable type of beans or rice.
  • 1 glue gun (*always supervise when working with hot appliances like this)
  • some colored construction paper
  • maybe some glitter


 What to Do for this Musical Activity:

  1. Take the water bottle, strip off any old labeling etc.
  2. Take a small amount of rice or soybeans and use a funnel or pour carefully into the bottle for your desired sound.
  3. Take the hot glue gun and glue on the cap with a few dabs of hot glue on the ‘threading’ of the cap. Twist cap on tight and let dry.
  4. You can then use the construction paper to cut out small stars and shapes glue on the bottle to decorate. You may also want to use glitter or other things to decorate the bottle or have the children decorate their bottle shakers.

** Keep in mind, different sized containers, different types of plastic and different contents will produce different sounds.


Preschool Water Bottle Shaker for Kids:

You can now put on some fun, upbeat kids music and let your children shake their new musical bottle shaker to the beat.

This will help the children with co-ordination, social skills and simply help them to try and focus on the beat of the music and keeping the rhythm.

We hope you enjoy this preschool and kindergarten activity. We have other activities for making musical instruments for kids found in this section of our preschool website.