Learning Volume Science Experiment for Kids

Preschool science experiment for children about volume of liquids and objects.Preschool science experiments for kids help preschoolers to learn and observe how and why things work.

This activity for learning volume, is an example that science experiments do not have to be complicated/elaborate scientific ideas which are hard to implement with the preschool children in your care.

Sometimes the most simple, everyday routine activities and items work well as science lessons for kids.

Simple ideas can help children to learn about measurements, volume, use their senses & observe things they normally would not. Using the experiment below with preschool children to learn about volume can be an effective and simple learning idea.

Learn Volume of Objects & Liquids

Science experiments for kids about Volume: What You Need

  • Towel
  • Clear Container(s)
  • Water
  • Small Slightly Heavy Objects Or Stones

What this Volume Experiment Involves:

  • Fill the container half way up with water. Talk with the preschool children about what is taking up the space in the container.
  • You may even want to color the water with food coloring to make it easily visible to the children during the experiment.
  • (Discuss how the container is filled with water and air) The water and air measure as a volume in the container.
  • Ask the children how they think that they can get the water out of the container without tipping the container and pouring it out or without adding more water.

*If no one can think of how to do it just say “Let’s See what happens when I put this in it”

Add an object, then add another – then ask the preschool children if they notice anything happening to the level of the water?

When you add various objects that each have their own volume it changes the volume of the water in the container as well.

The children should notice the level of the water rising due to the volume of the objects.

Keep adding items until the water overflows. (You can even count as you add items to also teach simple counting.)

Ask the preschool children what is taking up the rest of the space (the objects) and why the water is overflowing?