Weather Theme & Seasonal Activities for Kids:

150 + Printable Activities & Craft Ideas for Teaching

Kids seasonal activities and weather theme activities.This preschool weather theme and seasonal activities lesson plan cd, has a variety of printable weather worksheets, seasonal craft activities, printable games and fun seasonal recipes for use with teaching preschool children, toddlers and kindergarten kids.

Below are some weather related sample sheets and seasonal activities for kids to enjoy as found on the cd.

Listed below, are all the theme activities, weather crafts, games and recipes which relate to learning about the weather. It is important to teach children about the seasons and weather as it happens during the different months of the year. You can teach a seasonal and weather theme using these activities on this cd along with various books, songs and related seasonal craft activities.

The package below will add to your teaching resources and give you many great teaching tools and ideas for years to come. Your children will enjoy learning with this weather theme & seasonal activities for kids package.  Check out the details below!

Preschool weather theme, seasons lesson plans, craft ideas, prek snacks, printables and more!

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Below is a Full List of Every Seasonal Activity & Weather Worksheet On this Preschool Weather Theme & Seasonal Activities CD for Kids.

Seasonal Activities & Weather Craft Activities

• Seasonal cards

• Weather flash cards

• Borders-for parent notice/newsletter ect

• Bookmarks

• Door hangers

• Name tags

• Four season’s activity sheets

• Stained glass windows

• Original weather rhymes

• Weather calendar

• Weather collage pics

• Butterfly masks

• Spring flowers mobiles

• Rainbow shape puzzles

• Find the summer bees

• Find the spring butterflies

• Lady bug antenna’s

• Autumn leaf designs

• Snowman tracing

• Snowflakes

Recipes For Summer Seasons

• Sparkling fruit punch

• Ice cream sangers

• Watermelon smoothies

• Fruitcicles

Autumn Recipes For Kids

• Biscuit leaves

• Pumpkin cookies

• Autumn berry platters

Winter Preschool Theme Recipes

• Edible snowman

• Winter chicken soup

• Pop corn snowman

Spring Preschool Recipes

• Fruit Cups

• Lady Bugs

• Chocolate birds Nest

Spring Craft Activities

• Rainbow roller painting

• Cupcake flowers

• Birds nest

• Egg painting

Autumn Season Activities

• Rain Cutting

• Splitter splatter raindrops

• Corn Cob craft

• Autumn Wreath

• Finger print trees

• Hand print trees

• Rainbow handprint

• Nature collecting

Winter Crafts & Theme Activities

• Snow crystals

• Paper Mache snowman

• Sparkle snow paint

• Ice cub painting

• Snowman sock puppets

• Torn paper snowman

• Cotton ball snowman

• Coconut snowman

• Splitter splatter snow

• Shaving cream snow

• Sponge snow painting

• Snow prince and princess

Summer Crafts & Kids Activities

• Beach scene dioramas

• Summer sand collage

• Summer picture frames

• Sunshine handprints

• Wet play Ideas

Preschool Weather & Days of the Week Ideas

Preschool weather related activities and worksheets for kids dealing with the seasons.

Worksheets, printable activities and games based on a weather and season theme for kids.

Preschool activities, printables and weather theme ideas for teaching kids! Order and Download Now!

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