Preschool Counting Games & Number Matching Activity

Drag and Drop the Numbers to the LadyBug Spot Counting Game: (Game has audio)

Simple drag and drop counting game for preschool children to learn.

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Counting Games Help Preschool Kids by Matching Numbers in the Game:

Help kids learn counting by matching the numbers to the proper ladybug by counting the dots. Preschool children and kindergarten kids simply count the number of dots on the ladybug and click then drag and drop, matching the numbers to the correct spot in this counting game for kids.

It’s a fun, unique free online game for preschool children and kindergarten kids to learn or improve on their counting skills and number matching skills. Children love to play these type of online learning games.

These learn to count preschool games are drag and drop games that actually help with fine motor development skills in children as they hold and release the mouse using their fingers and small muscles of the hands. This also helps with children’s┬áhand/eye co-ordination skills.

Learn Counting & Number for Kids:

Check out our fun , simple counting cartoon video to help preschoolers to learn numbers and counting.