Preschool Spring Songs for Kids

Songs about Spring for PreschoolersSpring songs for kids and preschool children can be found below. If you are looking for specific song topics and themes *Please visit the Preschool Learning Songs Categories page for all songs and where to find them.

Spring songs and daycare kids songs are fun for children to sing and use to learn about the spring season & spring time animals.  These kids songs are also great additions to building a specific lesson plan or theme for teaching the children.

The pre k songs available today for children are about every topic imaginable. Songs are effective learning tools for teaching children as they help children to focus on the story, lesson or message being sung in the tune.

Kids music and singing helps children to learn to keep the beat of music, learn expression through music and to expand their creativity and helps them learn ways to express themselves. After Spring, comes Summer and if you are looking for Summer songs for kids we have them as well.

Try any of our songs for kids & kids circle songs listed below about spring weather, months and seasons along with more kids songs found on this educational children’s website.

Spring Time, Spring Time Song

Sung to ‘Sailing, Sailing’

Spring–time, Spring–time,

The snow has disappeared,

The robins are back,

the tulips are up,

It’s time to sing and cheer!

Winter, Winter Go Away Song

(Sung to the tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle)
Winter, winter go away

Spring is coming, on it’s way,

The snow will melt,

and tulips grow,

the birds will sing,

it’s Spring you know,

Winter, winter go away,

Spring is coming – YIPEE – HOORAY!

Spring Is Here Song

Sung to ‘Frere Jacques’

Rain is falling,

Birds are calling,

Spring is here…Spring is here!

Buds on Trees are growing,

Tulips now are showing.

Spring is here…Spring is here!

Spring Time Song

Sung to ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’

Spring, spring, spring is here,

The snow is gone for now..

Buds are showing,

Tulips are growing,

Spring is all around!

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