Preschool Nursery Rhymes & Poems

Preschool nursery rhymes and fun preschool kid poems for teaching and entertaining children. Nursery rhymes, fairy tales and preschool kid poems are fun for your children to learn new ideas and discover new things.

Kids love to use their imaginations with nursery rhymes and the fun stories and lessons found within them. These classic rhymes are an old twist for keeping pre k children entertained.

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If you have a favorite children’s rhyme, kid poem or classic rhyme you would like to share please email us and we will post your rhyme or children’s poem on here for all our parent’s and teachers to enjoy and use with teaching their children.

These are well known poems and classic rhymes to many and are provided for educational purposes for parents and teachers.

All Listed Rhymes for Children:

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Children’s Rhymes:

  • A Diller a Dollar (below)
  • Sing a Song Of Sixpence (below)
  • Molly, My Sister, and I Fell Out
  • The Man in the Wilderness (below)
  • Jack Spratt
  • Pease Pudding Hot (below)
  • Pat -a-cake Pat-a-cake
  • A Wise Owl (below)
  • Two Blue Birds
  • Hot Cross Buns