Fall Songs for Preschool Kids & Autumn Songs

Fall songs for kids to sing and learn about the fall season.You will find our fall songs for kids & autumn songs for kids to sing with lyrics below and by clicking any links leading to additional pre school song and pre k music pages for children like winter songs for preschool kids.

Fall songs and autumn songs for kids like the ones listed below and the links on the left side of this page, are great additions to making preschool lesson plans about the season to teach pre school children.

These fall songs can teach children about the fall & autumn season, with songs about weather, animals, leaves and other related topics for this time of year.

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Fall is So Much Fun Song

(original author unknown)

(Sung to: “Farmer in the Dell” )

Fall is so much fun,
Fall is so much fun,

I like to see the leaves fall down,
Fall is so much fun.

The leaves turn brown and red,
The leaves turn brown and red,

I like to see the colors change,
The leaves turn brown and red.

The air is crisp and cool,
The air is crisp and cool,

I like to dress in nice warm clothes,
The air is crisp and cool.

Soon the snow will fall,
Soon the snow will fall,

Then the season will be done.
Soon the snow will fall.



Fall Song

(© preschoollearningonline.com)

(sung to London Bridge)

Fall is here, the leaves fall down,

from the trees,

to the ground,

Fall is here & Summer’s done,

It’s get-ting chilly.


Fall Is Here Song

(© preschoollearningonline.com)

(sung to: frere jacque)

Fall is here,

Leaves dis-appear,

From the trees,

From the trees..

Summer weather’s going,

The leaves on trees are blowing,

To the ground,

To the ground..


Leaves Are Falling Song

(© preschoollearningonline.com)

Green and yellow, orange and red,

Leaves are falling on my head,

Fall is here and Summers gone,

It’s time to put your sweaters on.



Add to Your Fall Lesson Plans for Preschoolers:

These fall songs can be great additions to your pre k lesson plans about fall/autumn and for lessons dealing with different months of the year or seasons.

There are many different ways that you can make a lesson plan based on a specific theme like seasons. These songs also work with your circle time routine when learning about weather and months of the year.


Autumn Songs for Kids & Fun Video: