Preschool Adding and Subtracting:


Preschool adding and subtracting math activities for teaching preschoolers.Simple preschool math activities are necessary for your child’s early childhood development. Early learning activities including preschool math and math lesson plans for kids can help accelerate your child’s development and learning skills.

Simple math activities like preschool adding and subtracting, kindergarten math and other early childhood development ideas and lesson plans are beneficial for preschool children and their early development.

Math activities for children can be simple adding and subtracting activities as shown below. You can find new ways to teach simple pre k math lessons by examining everyday activities and actions already done in your classroom.


Easy Preschool Adding and Subtracting Activities:

Preschool adding and subtracting does not have to be difficult but can be a fun effective teacher.

There are even simple preschool songs which help children with math using subtracting, counting etc.

You can use everyday situations like counting fruit (eg.) grapes or things like counting the number of cars that go by your house as you sit outside on a nice day.

Simple math ideas are everywhere and children can learn with these simple fun methods of learning.

As adults we tend to complicate things. Always remember that “Keep it Simple” applies to children & preschoolers more than it does to us as adults or teens and those who are more advanced in learning.

If you make all areas of pre k learning including, preschool math, kindergarten math & teaching easy and fun for your children and preschoolers, they are more likely to be able keep it in their mind and gain a ‘head start’ when it comes to their early learning. This will benefit the children as they move on to elementary school and beyond.


What To Do For a Simple Preschool Math Activity:

Preschool adding and subtracting activities for teaching kids.Use common items you can find around the house to teach preschool & early learning math.

Items that are more familiar to your child or preschooler will work best for teaching.

Try and use simple items that look the same, as this will also help with grouping and sorting activities.

I am going to use ‘apples’ and ‘oranges’ in my description of this math activity, but feel free to use whatever items you desire.

The age of the child will make a difference on how many items are used for this math activity.


I am going to use an ‘example’ with a child who is around 4 – 5 years of age.

Preschool Adding & Subtracting Activities:


Line up 4 apples and let the preschooler or child count them. 1, 2, 3, 4. Take one away and put it behind your back. Now ask the preschooler or child to count the apples. 1, 2, 3. Then explain what was done. We had 4 apples and we took one away, so now we only have, 3. Ask the preschool child(ren) to count them again.

Do the Same with Adding:

Put 3 apples out and ask the child or preschooler to count them. Then add two apples and ask the child or preschooler to count them. Explain that adding two apples to the three apples that you had equals 5.

Depending on the numbers that your child(ren) can count up to, you can add more items to the preschool math activity. This simple preschool math activity can be done every day or a few times a week.

Make sure there are not many distractions around when doing this activity so all of their attention is focused. You can do this activity individually or as a group, or even a circle activity if you teach a preschool class.

Math Games – Cleaning Up Examples:

  • How many buckets of toys did we clean up?
  • Or, How many chairs do we have around the table?
  • How many children are here today?
  • If ‘Marisa’ went home, how many children would be left?


Everything I have mentioned in the adding and subtracting activities can be altered anyway you wish with your class. The possibilities are endless for these simple math activities and other preschool math ideas. Make math fun for kids. They will become better, faster learners if we make it fun and easy.

Let’s give them a head start towards early math skills and learning. *To add numbers into the sorting activities, ask the child(ren) or preschoolers to count as they sort through the items and put them where they belong.


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