Pre K Activities Using Shaving Cream

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Kids shaving cream activities for art like those listed below are a fun and creative way to get children to express themselves in a unique way. Shaving cream is a unique material to use.

It has a cool, texture, it can be piled, smeared and shaped and cleanup is easy and smells great!

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Kids Activities for Art & Creative Expression:

Materials Needed For This Art Activity:

  • Can of Shaving Cream
  • Vinyl Table Cloth or Plastic Cover
  • Spoons, popsicle sticks etc.
  • Food coloring (if you want to add color)

Pre K Art Activity Directions:

Cover your table, kitchen table or work station area with the vinyl or plastic cover. You may use something like a protective bib or towel to hang over the children’s chest to protect their shirts, even though it washes out of clothing easily.

Give the children or preschoolers a big mound of shaving cream (recommend the sensitive skin formula for obvious reasons)

They can now use the shaving cream to draw in, write, finger-paint with it. They scoop it with the spoon, use popsicle sticks and you can even add food coloring to the shaving cream. You can let the kids swirl in the food coloring and see it change the color.

Keep in mind, if using food coloring that it can stain your children’s hands and clothing. You can find all sorts of ways to simply remove the stains from skin and clothing. It’s pretty basic.

This is a simple, fun way for the children to use their creativity.

Additional Developmental Benefits for Kids:

Using this shaving cream art idea with children also helps preschool kids to develop fine motor skills, which involve building the small muscles of the hands and fingers. This happens as they smear and finger paint and scoop etc.

Add Music:

If you want to help the preschoolers and children to better express themselves while doing this preschool art activity, you can always add some fun upbeat music to get the children’s creativeness flowing.

Clean Up Is Fun & Easy!

*Use Pudding Instead: If you are concerned about your child eating the shaving cream or getting it in their eyes, you may wish to use pudding instead for this preschool exercise! Pudding is sticky, but loads of delicious fun!