Firefighter Dramatic Play Activity

Fire station dramatic play activity about fire fighters for kids.

The fire station dramatic play and firefighter dramatic play ideas below are great ones that your preschoolers will enjoy!

Firefighters and fire stations are an important part of the local community.

This pretend play idea makes for a fun, educational fire station dramatic play activity for pre school children learning all about fire trucks and firemen.

Who are Firefighters & What Do They Do?

Firemen and women are community heroes that rush into burning buildings and rush to accident scenes, working hard and putting their lives in danger to extinguish fires and attend to the medical needs of those in harm’s way.

Children are fascinated by fire fighters. A good idea for you and your preschool children might be to one day set up a little field trip to your nearest local fire station and have the preschool children learn all about the fire station and what the firemen and women do. The pre k children can learn about fire safety and the duties of the firemen.

For the preschool classroom, you can use the ideas below for a simple fun fire station dramatic play center activity or fun lesson plans for the kids.


Fire Fighter/ Fire Station Dramatic Play Activity for Kids:

This is just a simple over view of some pretend play & imaginative play activities you could start off with when putting together a fire station dramatic play activity for the preschool children in your classroom or home daycare center. You can add to these ideas below if you want to extend the activity for the kids.


Fire Safety for Toddlers:

You could begin by teaching basic fire safety for toddlers & preschoolers. Or reading a fun book on firefighters or about fire trucks etc. for the kids.


Fire Station Gear / Uniforms / Clothing:

The first thing to do with this fire station dramatic play activity for kids in your preschool classroom is to look at getting some fun fire fighter hats and/ or uniforms for the children to wear. You can find fire fighter hats at places like dollar stores, retail stores and online at places like etc.

Other simple things you could have might be rubber boots that look like the type of boots firemen wear when on the job.


Fire Station Dramatic Play Center Set Up:

Place a few chairs in the dramatic play center to act as the fire station head quarters for the children.


Fire Truck:

Line up some chairs in your play center area. One child sitting in the front can have a play ‘steering wheel’ to drive the imaginary fire truck to the next call.

The steering wheels could be made using a round object to mimic a steering wheel or you can buy a toy one online.


Fire Hose Prop Ideas for Fire Fighters:

Props are always good to have as they set the feel of the play activity for the children.

A simple prop idea for this pretend play activity is a simple way to make fire fighter hose for the children to use.

You can take a small water bottle and fill it with water. Take some blue food coloring and turn the water a blue color for effect.

You could add some silver glitter to add to the sparkling water effect if you wanted, but it’s not necessary.

Glue on the cap using a hot glue gun.

On the end of the water bottle you could paste some cut strips of blue and white paper and paste them on the end to give the impression of water spraying out of the end of the water bottle.

Make a few of these for the kids to use as fire hoses.


Toy Medical Kit or First aid Kit:

What fireman is complete with access to a medical kit or first aid kit for helping people in need. You can buy these online or at your local retailer.


Simple Pretend Fire Prop & Activity:

Bring in a medium sized or small card board box. Use various colors of tissue paper like orange, yellow and red to make pretend flames. You can tear the tissue paper pieces in various shapes and glue them to the box to make appear as flames coming out of the box.

You can also make fun pretend flames like this using red, yellow and orange construction paper. Just cut out simple flames shapes and glue them in the box.

This will be your pretend fire.

If you have a plastic playhouse in your classroom or something similar like a large plastic car scooter you could tape the paper flames to it to make a pretend fire for the kids to pretend putting out with their water hoses.


Walkie Talkies:

An important part of being a fire fighter is being able to communicate. You can bring in some toy walkie talkies. You could find these online or in a dollar store or retail toy store.

If you don’t want to buy these you could also just make a couple using some small cardboard boxes like a kleenex box or something smaller.


Make Your Own Radio /  Walkie talkies:

Take the small box and cover it with black construction paper and glue it in place to cover the box.

Use small plastic drinking straw or pipe cleaners as a small antenna on the box.

Draw on the black construction paper covering the box using white pencil crayons to make dials and knobs.

You could also just cut a few dials and knobs out of different colored (grey) construction paper and glue them on the box for this effect.


Toy Megaphones:

Get a toy megaphone prop that kids can use to pretend to speak to people with. You could make your own mega phone prop by cutting the end off of an old plastic juice jug, old plastic pop bottle or simply use a clean, large plastic funnel which the children can put to their mouth and talk through.

*If you cut the end off of an old plastic bottle or jug beware of sharp edges. You should tape these to protect from cuts.


Toy Fire Trucks:

You could get some small toy fire trucks for the children to play with for this activity.



Post some colorful pictures of fire trucks and fire stations on the wall or at a table for the kids to help set the feel of the activity.



You could find some fun fire fighter music or songs talking about fire men with sounds and noises.


The Happy Fireman Song


I’m a happy fireman,

I’m big & strong,

I drive in my fire truck all day long,

When people are in trouble,

or a fire’s underway,

I come to the rescue,

and save the day.


Friendly Fireman Song:


I’m a friendly fireman,

in my fire gear..

When people see me coming,

they clap and cheer..

There’s a fire! There’s a fire!

People Scream and Shout,

With some water and my hose,

I put the fire out!

*Also See it here > Friendly Fireman song


More Fire Station Dramatic Play Songs for Kids: