3 Layer Liquid – Kids Science Activity

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It is sometimes the simple activities and things around us that we take for granted, which can be the most interesting, educational, and fun for teaching children.


3 Layer Liquid Activity & Weights Of Liquids


Learning about the different weights of liquids is a fun, simple activity to teach density, that will be fascinating for the children. You can use the ideas below and change it up where needed.

This Activity Requires:

  • -One Glass Jar
  • – Syrup
  • – Cooking oil
  • – Water
  • – 1 grape
  • – 1 plastic button
  • – Small cork


How to Start the Activity:

1.) Pour 1/3 cup of syrup into the glass jar.

2.) Pour 1/3 cup of cooking oil into the jar.

3.) Pour 1/3 cup of water into the jar.

4.) Let the liquids settle for a few minutes.

5.) Drop the plastic, grape, and small cork into the liquid one at a time.

6.) Notice and record with the children which objects settled in which layers of the liquids.


*You can talk with the preschoolers/children and ask them open ended questions about what you are observing during this activity and record your results on chart paper.

The 3 layer liquid science activity helps to teach preschoolers about different weights of liquids and how some liquids are heavier than other liquids. When dropping in different objects of differing weights-you can observe how they move through the various liquids and stay floating in others.