Mr Golden Sun fingerplay and circle songs for pre k kids.Mr Sun Fingerplay Ideas & Circle Songs for Kids

Mr sun song and other preschool circle songs or action songs are fun for your class and are a great way to help keep pre k children’s attention and focus, all while learning new things and having fun in a musical way.


Benefits of Songs & Music in the Classroom:

Many times if the pre k children are not listening or are misbehaving you can get them to come to circle by starting to sing a fun song. Kids love fun songs that are easy to sing and have fun actions like fingerplays do. Other examples of finger play/action songs for kids are my baby bumble bee song, farmer brown’s red apples and twinkle twinkle little star to name a few.

This page includes the children’s songs to use as action songs or finger plays with the preschoolers in your care like the song Mr. Golden Sun.

Mr Sun Song (lyrics)

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun,
Mr Golden Sun,

Please shine down on me,

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun,  Mr. Golden Sun,
Hiding behind the tree.

These little children are asking you,
To please come out so we can play with you,

Oh Mr. Sun,  Sun,  Mr. Golden Sun,

Please shine down on,
Please shine down on,
Please shine down on,

Mr Golden Sun Song Finger Play Demo for Kids:

See how you can use this fun circle song with the preschoolers and  children you are teaching as a fun action song or as a finger play activity. Kids loves songs like these and they really help the children to focus on the lyrics and imitating the movements. Give this preschool action song a try with your children today.

Preschool Action Songs & Fingerplay Songs:

Many of the songs for circle today are finger plays or action type of songs that involve movement of the hands, arms and fingers of the prek children to follow along. This makes things more interesting and fun for the pre k children as they learn to observe and move or imitate you as the preschool teacher as you go through the actions of the song.

These types of finger play songs really appeal to children and can present an enjoyable and beneficial challenge while helping with fine motor or gross motor development.

Why not take the time to view the action and circle song selections on this website and try to incorporate them into your teaching routine. There are fun, creative circle songs and activities your children will really enjoy.