All About Me Preschool Lesson Plan Printables & Worksheets

All about me preschool lesson plans and kindergarten theme activities for kids.A great preschool lesson plan theme for using with preschoolers and young children is the All About Me theme and lesson plan for preschoolers.

Let the preschool children and young ones interpret on paper using our face and portrait, emotion and all about me printables below, just to see how they see many things in their lives.

Some examples for All About Me lesson plans are:

1.) How they see themselves (Face & Portrait)

2.) How they see their family, their pets, favorite things etc.

The preschool children can talk about their families, their brother or sister, favorite travel places or anything else that relates to an ‘all about me’ type of lesson plan or theme discussion.

All About Me Lesson Plan Printable Worksheets

Remember, there is no right or wrong way for the young preschoolers and kindergarten kids to interpret how they see these ‘about me’ thoughts and ideas as well as what they see when using an ‘all about me’ theme or lesson. This is a great lesson plan for use with your children to get them to express themselves and to talk.

Give it a try and feel free to use these free printable worksheets  for you and your preschoolers or kindergarten children. Your kids will love discovering the all about me preschool lesson plan theme.

All About Me Theme Printable Worksheets

My Family:

All About Me Face & Emotions Printables: