Place Mats & Welcome Mat – Crafts & Painting for Kids

Art projects, painting for kids ,and kids craft activities for creativity and expression.Tilt Tilt Paint Design – Art Activity For Kids

The next time you go to the grocery store or to your local bakery, ask for one unused large cake box or however many you think you can use for this preschool kids painting activity.

You can even use one of the square cardboard half boxes/flats used when you buy a case of 24 cans of pop.

Have the preschool children take turns or give each child a box and place a piece of paper the size of a place mat, inside the cardboard box. If using a cake box, you can cut off the lid.

Have the child drop a blob of paint in the middle of the paper and set about 2-4 marbles in the paint. You could even add a couple different colors of paint for a different art effect for this activity.

Try using other objects that roll, like golf balls, dinky cars, pebbles etc.

Different sized objects, and different textured items adds variety and will create different effects on the paper.

Use your imagination.

Have the child tilt the box back and forth and side to side until they are happy with how their place mat looks.

Hang it somewhere to to dry. Once it’s dry you can laminate or mac tac it and the children can use it lunch time or take it home to use at their dinner table.

This is a fun pre k art activity that children will love doing, especially being able to use their very own masterpiece.

Here is another variation of this activity:

My Place – Place Mats Painting Craft

Place mats and welcome mat art ideas and painting for kids.Write each child’s name in large print across a sheet of 8.5 X 14 OR 11 X 17 pieces of paper.

Give each child their paper with their name on it and have a bunch of flat art items and crayons/markers available.

(Stickers, flat foam shapes, markers to draw with, paper shapes, colorful items etc.)

Allow them to decorate their place mats however they feel like decorating it.

Laminate the place mat designs and artwork when finished or cover with Mac Tac to keep and use on a daily basis at lunch time or have the children take them home to use and show off their reuseable art work.

Welcome Mat – Preschool Craft Activity

Welcome mat craft painting for kids and art ideas.Prior to using this children’s craft activity, visit a carpet store and request some donations of dark colored* carpet samples or remnants.

If you tell them what you are using it for they are usually more than happy to get rid of old carpet samples they would normally throw out.

What To Do:

To start, paint the bottoms of the preschool child’s feet with white fabric paint.

Have the child make foot prints on the carpet sample.

Use fabric paint to print a greeting and the child’s name on the carpet sample.

When the paint has had a chance to dry, you can then decorate the footprints to resemble snowmen or leave them as footprints.

This kids craft activity makes a great gift sure to be very special for the person receiving it!

*You can also try a light colored carpet sample with dark colored fabric paint for something different.