Australian Animals Activities & Short Stories Lesson Plan:

Australian animals for kids lesson and activities.Whatever the use, your preschoolers will love these fun preschool animal theme activities, animal printables, pre k lesson plans, Australian short stories, and fun Australian animals facts!

Use the many fun facts from these animal activities & short stories for kids over and over again for teaching preschoolers year after year!

This is information that you can add to your teaching resources and have it for many years to come. You can even print them out.

Pre K theme lesson plan about aussie animals with short stories, crafts and games for kids. Download Now!

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Australian Animal Short Stories with Props & Printable Extension Activities

“Bella Bilby and the Witchetty Grub Surprise, The Crocodile Who Couldn’t Stop Sneezing, The Not So Sleepy Koala, Willy the Tail Thumping Wallaroo, The Dancing Dingo.

All of these fantastic kid’s short stories combine factual information about real Australian Animals created for young children.

All the kid’s stories are printable plus each story has printable props & extension activities to use while telling the story. Continue on with a variety of printable activities to choose from for each short story.

Great Learning Activities & Ideas For Kids

Samples Of What You Can Find In This Australian Animals Theme CD Download:


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Pre K Animals Theme Activities & Lesson Plans For Use Year After Year!