Fun Turkey Songs for Kids with Actions

Turkey songs for kids to sing with fun actions and movements in pre k.Here are some fun preschool animal songs and turkey songs for kids which include fun actions and lyrics you can use in the preschool classroom for teaching children.

A lot of songs, like the turkey songs for kids below and others, are action songs or fingerplay songs which have pre k children either up and moving-copying the movements of their preschool teacher or have the preschoolers learning and moving their hands and arms as the the teacher does.

These types of fingerplay songs can be a lot of fun for the kids as they try to do all of the same moves that go along with the story the song lyrics are trying to tell. These action songs add a fun twist and really get the children involved, listening and observing.

Action songs, depending on the type of children’s music and actions involved, can help preschool children to develop various fine motor skills and gross motor skills which is great for their overall physical development.

Action Songs & Other Turkey Songs for Children


The Turkey Pokey Song:

(original author unknown)
(Sung To Hokey Pokey)

You put your (turkey toes) in

You put your (turkey toes) out,

You put your (turkey toes) in,

and you shake them all about!

You do the Turkey Pokey and you turn yourself around,

That’s what it’s all about! GOBBLE, GOBBLE!

*(Repeat the verses using – tail feathers, left wing, right wing, turkey beak etc.)



I’m a Turkey:

( ©

I’m a turkey and I GOBBLE,

I’m a turkey and I GOBBLE,

I’m a turkey and I GOBBLE everyday,


(*kids make yell ‘GOBBLE GOBBLE!)


I’m a turkey and I WADDLE,

I’m a turkey and I WADDLE,

I’m a turkey and I WADDLE

through the day.


(*kids can waddle and flap their wings like a turkey might)