Free Lesson Plans & Pre K Themes

Preschool lesson plans, and weekly pre k lesson and theme ideas for kids and kindergarten children.Preschool lesson plans, weekly lesson plan ideas, kindergarten lessons & preschool themes for preschoolers can be based on a variety of educational subjects dealing with anything in and around your everyday life, wherever you may live.

Young children need a variety of pre k lesson plans to learn about different subjects when they are young toddlers, preschoolers or in kindergarten. This helps children to get an early start on their learning.

Examples of pre k lesson plans and preschool themes for your students could be simple things like pre k kids learning about animals, math, shapes, food, colors, preschool zoo theme ideas, jungle theme, ESL, farm animals, all about me preschool theme lesson plans, science lesson ideas, art ideas, music, preschool camping theme ideas and many more lesson plans for preschool and kindergarten kids.

There is no shortage of themes and curriculum ideas for you to access online to teach your kids, and we have many free lessons for pre k children on this website below. We even have and will continue to expand on infant lessons plans for development.

Please have a look at just some of the weekly plans for preschool and fun learning activities and lesson plan templates you can use with your pre school children, toddlers and kindergarten kids.

These teaching themes, curriculum and lesson ideas are great for learning and focus on various subjects that preschool children are already interested in. Parents & teachers simply need to take some time to build on the teaching ideas below to expand the educational activities. Using these teaching ideas you can come up with some fun, educational activities for your kindergarten and pre school children.

Preschool Themes & Kindergarten Lesson Plans:

If you have any suggestions for any weekly preschool lesson plans or free pre k themes for teaching children, and want to contribute them to this early learning website, please email us.

We are always looking for new daycare lesson plan ideas, kids learning activities and teacher lesson plans to be used in educating preschoolers, toddlers and kindergarten kids that we can share with our online visitors.

Printable Worksheets for Pre K Lesson Plans:


(Use these lesson plan printables & worksheets for specific lesson plans as shown above!)