Preschool Activities – Indoor /Outdoor

Indoor/outdoor activities and coordination activities for preschool kids.Preschool learning online has a variety of kids indoor activities including balance activities, physical coordination activities and toddler rainy day ideas as well as other physical or fun preschool activities to use with your children for indoor and outdoor play and learning.

When we refer to physical activities for preschoolers and young children we mean activities which get children to move, work on balance and coordination skills and to be more active in various fun filled ways.

These indoor/outdoor activities would work to help develop gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination abilities, hand eye coordination, cognitive and social skills.


Kids Physical Indoor & Outdoor Activities:

Check out our physical activities and ideas throughout this preschool learning website. These indoor/outdoor activities are meant to entertain children and get children to move and to stay healthy and active while working on different gross motor skills etc.


Masking Tape Balance Beam:

Physical Activity for Kids

This preschool activity is a good physical, ‘rainy day’ activity or simply an indoor activity that will get your preschoolers & young children up and moving around while helping to improve their co-ordination, while they have fun moving and working on their balance and movement.

If desired, while using this activity with the kids, you could play some fun children’s music in the background to get children excited about following the masking tape lines. Find a fun music that will help to set the mood with the children to make it even more fun.

You could do this activity outside on a nice day in your yard.

To substitue, you could use a piece of rope or a garden hose in the grass on a nice day to make a path for the children to walk and balance on. It’s a fun way to get children moving and playing and away from the television.


What You Require for this Kids Activity:

  • 1 Roll of Masking Tape
  • Clean Floor Area ( Free from Obstacles)

Balance Beam Activity Directions:

Stick masking tape onto a large floor area in a straight line at first.

Have children walk on it like a balance beam.

Once the preschoolers & young children have had time to practice on that, change it up a bit and add more strips of masking tape going in different directions and zig-zag patters that the children can follow.

Play some fun kids songs as background music to have a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Educational & Physical Benefits:

This preschool kids activity will help children develop gross motor skills and balance through being physical.

Children learn both balancing and co-ordination skills while socializing and expressing themselves while moving and being more active. If you make things fun, kids will love it.