Personal Paper Weight Craft Activities For Children:

Preschool craft ideas for children & preschool art ideas for teaching preschoolers.Looking for some simple, easy to make paper weight craft activities to use as fun preschool arts & crafts projects with your children or the kids in your classroom?

Get Started with Your Paper Weights:

Try to locate some larger smooth surfaced rocks from a field or garden area that you have permission to access.

On the Smooth rocks surface, have the child place their hands in paint and put their hand print on the rock to make a painted hand print.

Use paints, glitter etc. and have the children create their own paper weight crafts design and decorations.

Children can give this preschool craft project as a personal gift to parents, grandparents and care givers.

This kids paper weight craft activity is great because it adds a real personal touch from the children and lasts a long time. It makes a very nice gift from the children and is perfect for many special occasions.

Colored Salt Paper Weights

What Is Needed For This Craft Idea:

  • Baby food jars
  • Table salt
  • Powdered tempera paints

What To Do for this Craft Activity:

Provide each child or preschooler with a baby food jar with a lid. Try to clean the baby food jars of all sticker residue so that they are nice and clean.

Pour salt into different bowls and stir in different colors of powdered tempera paints.

Let the children spoon layers of the different colored salt into their jars, making sure that each jar is filled completely to the top. You could make this into a fun counting activity as well by counting with the preschool children as they put each spoonful or layer in the jars.

Spread glue around the baby jar rims and secure the lids tightly so they will not come off when the glue has dried.

* Let each child decorate their jar lids with stickers or glitter.

Give as a gift as a personal paper weight. Great for parents, grand parents or care givers.

You could even attach a personal message to each paper weight that each child makes by attaching a small card of paper to a string or elastic.