Fall Art Projects & Ideas for Preschoolers

Try these art projects for Fall season with your preschoolers in the classroom or at home.


Fall Nature Collage:

Many things are changing during the Fall. Trees are dropping pine cones, pine needles, and leaves are changing to a variety of different colors. Flowers and grasses are drying out and have turned brown.

-Have the preschoolers collect a variety of outside items on a dry Fall day, such as pine needles, different colors of leaves, different shapes and sizes of leaves and pine cones etc. for their Autumn art activity.

-On a piece of construction paper have the Pre K children use glue or paste to glue the various Fall items that each one of them has collected in an artistic collage on the construction paper as a fun, nature exploring and simple art project activity.


Crayon Leaf Sketching:

Have each preschool child collect a small number of various shapes and sizes of leaves from the ground around different trees.

-Place a single leaf or a group of different leaves of different shapes and sizes under a thin piece of white paper.

-Have children pick a different colored wax crayon with the paper removed and lay it flat on the piece of paper that is laying over the leaves.

-Have the preschool children press down and color the piece of paper with the crayon laying flat to show the texture and shape of the leaf or leaves laying underneath. (You can try using different colors of crayons to make an nice creative art project  and design for the children. The different leaves will make different textures and shapes.