After School Care: Printable Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids CD:

*This After school care activities printables CD is designed for children aged between 5 and 12 yrs.

After school care activities for kids.For the after school care & vacation care setting. This activity cd is a great resource for busy parents or ece teachers either after school on the weekends or school holidays.

We offer printable afterschool activity sheets with specific, theme based preschool activities for children to create and do. All ideas are printable to A4, ready to hand to the child to begin, cutting, glueing, creating. Hours of theme based fun, endless learning activities for use year after year.

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*Below is a full list of every kids printables activity & preschool theme for this CD Download.

Over 200 pages of after school care ideas & activities ready to go. Have a look at some of the printable activities this collection offers:

. Aussie Animal Craft Sewing Sheets

. Birthday Balloons

. Thumb Print Alphabet

. Fun Alphabet

. Name Tags

. Mixed Borders for Newsletters

. Cellophane Fish

. Circus Crepe Paper Art

. Bookmarks

. Recipes

. Hand Horses

. Hide and Seek Activities

. Hygiene Activity Sheets (Tooth Care and hand washing)

. Join the dot dinosaurs

. Make your own easy puzzles

. Masks

. Multi Cultural Pasta Flags

. Printable Snap game

. Outer space finger puppets

. Printable Board Games

. Printable Door Hangers

. Printable Cool Sunglasses

. Weaving Activity Sheets

. Weekly Calendar

Simple Science Activities For Afterschool Care:

. How to grow crystals

. Salt Crystals

. Spaghetti building

. Simple Rain detector

. Dream Catchers

. Hairy friend Activities

. Volcano Activity

Kids Craft Recipe Ideas Include The Following:

. Goop

. Beautiful Bubbles

. Diamonds in the Snow

. Body Sparkles

. Soap Crayons

. Starchy Laundry paint

. Crayon Mash

. Rainbows

. Sparkle Snow Paint

. Cool Cornstarch finger paint

. In a hurry finger paint

. Shiny Paint

. More finger-paint recipes

. Simple dough recipes

. Soap Balls

. Bath Bombs

. Bath Salt

. Bath Crayons

. Simple Glitter

Fun Afterschool Cooking Ideas & Recipes for Kids:

. Cockroaches

. Ocean Shake

. Ants on a log

. Marshmallow constellation

. Chickens Nest

Kids Craft Ideas & Art Activities:

. Alfoil photo frames

. Paper Mache beads

. Dino Eggs

. Tin Can stilts

. Decorative tiles

. Dioramas

. Shell mirrors

. Pet stones

. Sock Puppets

. Jar lid candle holders

. Water trough

. Painting ideas

. Treasure hunt

. Volcano Activity

. Nature Rubbing

Preschool themes and preschool activities make up this after school care cd for kids

Preschool printable activities, preschool games and recipes for after school care.

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