PreK Art Ideas Using Paper

 Collage: Provide children with a variety of paper scraps, such as construction paper, tissue paper, or magazine cutouts, and have them create a collage on a piece of paper or cardboard.

Paper folding: Teach children different paper folding techniques, such as origami, and have them create different shapes and designs.

Paper Mache: Children can create sculptures using paper mache, which is made by mixing flour and water and then adding strips of paper. Once dry, the sculpture can be painted or decorated.

Paper cutting: Provide children with safety scissors and have them cut out different shapes and designs from colored paper. These cutouts can be used for collages or other art projects.

Paper weaving: Cut strips of paper and have the children weave them together to create a paper basket or placemat.

Paper flowers: Children can make paper flowers by folding, cutting and gluing paper.

Paper molds: Children can mold paper into different shapes by scrunching it up or using a molding tool. Once the shape is created, it can be painted or decorated.