Spring Poems For Preschoolers

Spring poems for kids and rhymes relating to spring time for preschoolers.When spring time is here, it is important to take advantage of this opportunity to teach the preschool children about spring using various lesson plans and themes.

These spring poems for kids and young children are great for teaching preschoolers and kindergarten kids about the things they can see, feel and experience during these months.

There are various lesson plan ideas, spring printables and other educational ideas which can be great for teaching kids about the spring seasons. The spring poems for kids below are one of many areas in which you can start to teach kids all about the spring time weather, animals etc.

These spring children’s poems and rhymes provided on our preschool website are to be used for educational purposes, for use with teaching your children or others.

Kids Spring Poems & Rhymes:


Spring Time Fun

(author: © preschoollearningonline.com)

Spring is coming,

spring is here,

The flowers bloom the sky is clear.

Birds are flying all around,
Bugs are crawling on the ground.

I love spring it’s so much fun,
Playing outside in the sun.

Springtime Playing

(author: © preschoollearningonline.com)

Spring is warm, sunny and bright,
I go outside and fly my kite.

I take my dog out for a walk,
And I collect leaves, and sticks and rocks.

Playing outside with mom and dad,
Is so much fun and makes me glad.



In The Spring

(author: © preschoollearningonline.com)

Spring is here and winters gone,
It’s time to put light jackets on.

The sun and rain make flowers grow,
To the park I like to go.

Swinging on the swings up so high,
I can almost touch the sky.



Spring Colors

(author: © preschoollearningonline.com)

The sky is blue, the grass is green,
The colors of spring I have seen.

Flowers of yellow, red and pink,
There are so many colors it makes me think.

Some bugs are yellow, black and brown,
I can see them on the ground.

Springtime colors make me smile,

I’m glad spring is here for a while.

Millions Of Raindrops:

(author: unknown)

Millions of massive raindrops
Have fallen all around;

They have danced on the housetops,
They have hidden in the ground.

They were liquid-like musicians,
With anything for keys,

Beating tunes upon the windows,
Keeping time upon the trees.

*This is a great rainy day rhyme/poem idea for the kids to talk about the springtime rain or to use with a weather lesson plan for the children.

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