Quick & Easy Vegetable Snacks for Children

Healthy, quick and fun vegetable snacks for kidsMany kids (and quite a few adults) do not like to eat their vegetables. As adults we understand just how important a nutritious balance of colorful vegetables & fruit are each day for everyone to be healthy and to keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

If your children love vegetables, you are one of the lucky ones, for those who do not like vegetables, you have to keep the idea or practice of eating veggies fun and learn to get creative.

Check out the different vegetable snacks for kids and simple ideas and tips for getting children to eat their vegetables to stay healthy.

How You Can Get Your Preschool Kids To Eat Their Vegetables

Vegetables provide many nutrients, antioxidants, fibre and help fight of diseases and various health problems.

There are many benefits of providing proper levels of fruit and vegetable snacks for kids daily. The problem however is that many children aren’t vegetable fans, and eating these snacks is not something they want to do.

In order to get the children comfortable with these nutritious veggie snacks and fruits you have to keep them fun and interesting for the everyone. You may even have to get sneaky and not even let the children know what they are eating. You can get some ideas on how to do this with your children below.


Here is a Healthy Vegetable Snack Tip:

(Courtesy Of The Rachael Ray Show)

When making pasta with sauces such as tomato sauce, you can try chopping certain vegetables up finely and adding them to the sauce where they are hidden.

You can add things like onion, zuchini, chunks of tomato, celery, corn etc. Any vegetables that are mild tasting and can be well hidden.


Vegetables can be cooked in the sauce until very tender, then the sauce and vegetables can be blended in a blender. No one will ever know that there were ever any vegetables in the sauce. That sauce can then be used on your pasta.


Make Some Fun Healthy Vegetable Filled Wraps:

Wraps are another great type of lunch or healthy snack idea where you can experiment and add lean meats for protein like chicken, ham, turkey, tuna etc. Other protein sources include certain quality cheeses.

You can add a little bit of lettuce, and some other vegetables like tomato, onion etc.

When using tuna, you can add onion and celery. These are always a great combination.

You want to experiment and not add too many vegetables right at the start, but slowly get your children used to the wraps and their hidden nutritious vegetables.


Whole Wheat & Whole Grains Are Better:

When making wraps, it is always good to use whole wheat type wraps or whole wheat pitas. Whole wheat is much better for children than anything that says ‘enriched white flour’.

Whole wheat has much more fibre, is more nutritious and will keep your kids feeling full longer.

*Obviously if your child has ‘wheat allergies’ you would have to look for healthy alternatives to wheat based products…

Vegetable Bread:

There are even breads now that have vegetables right in the bread. This helps children and adults to get a serving or more of vegetables as you incorporate this into their lunches and snacks.


More Great Vegetable Snacks for Kids:

Kids love fun snack ideas. Why not make your snack ideas irresistible by thinking like a kid and what appeals to them.

Ladybug Veggie Cracker Snack

Get your artist groove on, by creating fun vegetable snacks like the ladybug cracker snack below for kids. A simple ritz style cracker, cherry tomato cut in half and a black olive make this a fun, nutritious idea for kids.

Lady bug cracker and vegetable snack for kids.











Veggie Bugs for Kids:

Made up of cucumber slices, bell peppers (of different colors) cut in pieces, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, raisins, peas and more. You can see how fun these veggie bugs are to eat and to make.

Veggie Bug snack idea for kids.








Cauliflower Sheep Snack:


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