Kids Dentist Office Dramatic Play Ideas

A dentist dramatic play activity for kids in the prek classroom.As with all other dramatic play centers I have talked about on this website, make sure the subject/theme (in this case, a dentist dramatic play) is familiar to all of the pre k children first.

If it isn’t, be sure you read books about the dentist and oral hygiene, show dentist related pictures, and talk about it before you implement it so that the kids playing dentist can learn about the subject before hand.

This will help to make things much more interesting and for you to build on what children already know about the subject.

Dramatic Play Ideas for a Dentist Office:


The dentist. Some children have been to a dentist and some have yet to make that first dental visit. Be sure to get the preschool/kindergarten children familiar with your dental topic as noted above before setting up your pretend play dentist activity.

When it’s time to implement the dramatic play activity make sure you let the children know that due to keeping healthy to avoid spreading germs, we are not going to be practicing playing ‘dentist’ on each other.


Some Dentist Dramatic Play ideas You Can Plan for this Topic:


  • Teeth: Check with your local health unit and ask if they have a large model of a mouth with teeth and a few large toothbrushes that the children can experiment with.
  • Dolls: Try to find dolls that have open mouths so the children can pretend to work on some patients.
  • Props: Empty toothpaste tubes, rinse cups, toothbrushes, and a play dentist toy set or two.
  • Pictures: Print out pictures of dentist offices, dentists, kids at the dentist, etc. and post them on the walls in the dramatic play center.
  • Coloring Pages: You can find various dentist and teeth coloring pages and set up an area where the children can color. The coloring pages can be all things related to the dentists, like teeth, different types of teeth, spelling of certain words, dentists, tooth brushes etc.
  • Costumes: White dress shirts should work fine for a dentist coat, and some safety glasses should do fine.
  • Extras: Mirror, cash register, pretend money, receipt paper, pencils, calendar, telephone, chairs.

You can extend their curiosity by adding dental books and stories in the library center, dental coloring pages in the art center, and possibly going on a field trip to the dentist office.

Have fun! Remember, you can build more great ideas into this topic as you come up with them to help preschool children and young ones to learn.