Kids Story Poems by Artie Knapp

Artie Knapp kids poems and stories for children.Kids are always interested in hearing some good kids stories and poems today. Kids books are usually full of life lessons, colorful characters and fun filled places that help to grab your child’s attention.

Bedtime stories,  kids poems and other kids stories are a big part of children learning and developing creativity and imagination.

Many kids poems, preschool stories and books for kids teach children about some sort of life lesson or morals.  Other times, many of these are just fun, silly rhymes to help make learning fun for your children. Kids poems and stories play a big part in day cares and preschools everywhere, helping children to have a laugh and smile.

There are story ideas and books for teaching on every subject imaginable to assist you in teaching preschoolers and young kids.

Try mixing up your teaching routine by incorporating story books and poems and stories with your preschool classroom and during your circle time activities. Your children will thank you. You will not only make the pre k children happy and smile, but you can make your teaching that much more creative and enjoyable through use of simple poems, stories and books.

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A Mouse by the House

A Children’s Poem – By author: Artie Knapp

A mouse in the grass ran about,
Stopping by the water spout.

Nibbling on something I could barely see,
And didn’t seem to notice me.

Not realizing he was trapped,
He just chewed on his meal tightly wrapped.

To get the mouse’s attention, I threw a pebble his way,
But he kept to his meal without sway.

Again and again I tried, but to no effect;
Feeling put-off and puzzled by his disrespect.

But something changed inside me, as the mouse finally looked up;
His eyes were innocent and curious, like that of a newborn pup.

He didn’t seem to mind, my being there;
Barely gave a look, much less a stare.

Then off he went back to the grass, nary a glance at me;
I learned later he got glasses, and now can clearly see.

A Mouse by the House kids poem by Artie Knapp.


The Lying Lion-Short Kids Story Poem


Preschool poems for kids & other short stories from Artie Knapp for children.

The Lying Lion

By: Artie Knapp

He lied, oh how he lied,
Claiming to be King;

But in actuality, this lion cried,
At the thought of a little sting.

I witnessed it myself that day,
And couldn’t believe my eyes;

As this big bad cat began to sway,
Desperate to conceal his lies.

He ran away as fast as he could,
Hoping to get lost;

Feeling embarrassed and misunderstood,
Came at quite a cost.

It had been easy for him to scare us,
With his mighty roar and size;

But to see him tremble and throw a fuss,
Felt like winning a first place prize.

I knew someone would eventually call his bluff,
And that they would reveal the truth;

I just never would have thought, all that fluff,
Would be caused by a bee named Ruth.

Preschool stories and poems for kids make learning fun!

Pre k childrens stories and kids poems for home or the preschool classroom.

The Starfish That Fell From The Sky

By: Artie Knapp

We all know fish come from the sea,
And that stars are in the sky;

But little did I know, that one day,
Both would drop on by.

She fell to the ground one starry night,
And unbeknownst to me;

There’s much more to a starfish,
Than what I had perceived!

She beamed when she laughed,
And was quick with a joke;

Even still, she was very shy,
And hid behind a cloak!

A slight right past Jupiter,
Was where she missed her turn;

But the little starfish just chuckled,
At least I didn’t burn!

Knowing she is with me,
Brings me so much joy;

And the best thing about her,
She’s sweeter than any toy.

Getting Preschoolers Attention with a Story:

When you are about to conduct a circle with the preschool children, try sitting and beginning by reading a book out loud. You will find that the children will be curious about the book, poem or story you are reading and may just drop everything and come to circle time to listen with little effort on your part.

Once you have the children’s attention you can then say that as soon as the room is tidied you will read the rest of the story or book so they can find out what it is all about. That approach has worked as a great tactic to get the room cleaned up quickly.


Preschool Songs to Get Children’s Attention:

Preschool songs also work great for getting children’s attention and getting them to settle down and to focus.