How Strong Is It-Pre K Science Activities & Lessons About Strength


How strong is it? Preschool science activity dealing with material strength.This preschool science experiment for kids helps them to observe and discuss different materials and ‘How Strong’ the different materials are and how much force or weight is required to tear the different materials.

You will then work with the pre k children to then document the findings of ‘what items are strongest’ and which items are hardest to tear or rip apart.

Also be sure to document which are the weakest, on a chart to be discussed as a group to further teach the preschool children about what you all observed during this experiment.

Each material obviously has a different strength and is stronger than the next. Give all of the science activities for kids in our science section a try for some great ideas to use in your teaching endeavours.

How Strong Is It?- Simple Science Activity for Kids

What You Need for this Simple Learning Activity:

You will need ANY ‘5’ of the following materials for the following simple strength experiment to use with the children in your home or in the school classroom.

  • parchment paper
  • wax paper
  • tin foil
  • regular paper
  • bristol board
  • plastic bag
  • construction paper
  • tissue paper
  • bubble wrap
  • chart paper
  • marker


Directions For This Activity:

Depending on the size of your preschool class and how much time you have in the day, bring in 5 of the above materials or all of them.

On a piece of chart paper, write down the list of materials you brought in to use for the activity.

Now ask the children in the prek class which materials they think will be the easiest and hardest to rip and make notes beside each item written down.

Now on another piece of chart paper, do the same thing in the same order except this time, have a child come up and rip one of the pieces of materials and document their answer as to whether it was easy or hard for them to rip.

Have a different child come up for each material.

Lastly, compare the charts and post them in the room for the preschoolers and young children to go back to later and discuss amongst themselves.


Alternative Method:

* You could even place a heavy object on each piece of material and try to lift it and hold the heavy object without the material tearing. You must exercise caution though that the ‘heavy’ object is safely away from the children. This will judge which materials are strongest and which are easiest to tear.

This is simply another way to conduct the science activity with the children in your classroom.

Keep it fun and interesting for the children and they will be interested in discovering, participating and learning new ideas and activities teaching them about things like weight, gravity and strength etc.