Art & Craft Supplies for Preschool:

Preschool learning and education lessons focus on many areas of teaching and learning for preschool children. Preschoolers and toddlers learn a variety of important pre k activities and curriculum ideas which teaches them many valuable things including art activities and crafts.

Art & Craft Supplies Online for Kids: Why Art?

Art and craft activities help the children to express themselves as well as expand their creativity and imagination, not to mention that these activities are just a lot of fun for kids. This is especially true of many preschool art ideas.

Children love to experiment with painting, colors, cutting, pasting and glittery glues as well as any other artistic lessons. Art allows children to express themselves and to develop or expand on their imagination and interpretation.

Here are some terrific art & craft supplies for preschool kids and the school classroom or for children to use in their art lessons.

Take a look and see all of the fantastic art supplies which can be used with your children and the preschool art lessons you use in order to teach them.

Some Basic/Essential Art Supplies:

Certain art supplies and materials are basic supplies that every teacher or parent should have in the art area as the basic necessary tools to help the children create new art and craft projects. These are the common, essential materials to get you started.

1.) Kid safe scissors

2.) Glue (Elmers white glue) and/or glue sticks

3.) Different colors of construction paper

4.) Non-toxic paints

5.) Paint brushes

6.) Glitter

7.) Markers (non-toxic, washable)

8.) Crayons

9.) Art Paper (white paper for drawing, painting etc.)

10.) Play Dough for Art Material:

Play dough can be a great art material for kids that is great for simple activities. Play dough is moldable, sculptable and easy to pinch, peel and roll for the children.

Some simple creations can be made with this simple, colorful material. The pulling, rolling, squishing and pinching aspect of it makes it a great choice for fine motor development as it works the small muscles of the fingers, hands and wrists in the preschool children.