I’ve Been Working on the Railroad:  Pre K Creative Movement Activity

iIve been working on the railroad song and creative movement activity.Use the fun children’s music “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” with this creative preschool movement activity in your school classroom or at home with your children.

Kid’s are fascinated with trains, locomotives, train engineers and all the workings of a train and what might be involved in working on one.

With the kids song playing in the background have the pre k kids move around to the music.
Some preschool children will pretend they are ‘working on the railroad’ like the song says.

Other preschool or kindergarten children will move like trains, or other things you may ask them about regarding trains.

  • You may ask how do trains move?
  • What noises do trains make?
  • Do trains move fast or slow?
  • What do people working on the trains do?
  • What does a train engineer doing on the train? Etc..

The use of an engineer’s hat may put kids in the driver’s seat when pretending to be operating a train.
The idea of creative movement activities is to keep them just that – creative!
It shouldn’t be a problem for the children or preschoolers as kids usually have pretty good imaginations and will be coming up with all sorts of creative movement and ideas on how they want to move with the song  ‘I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.’

Creative movement activities are great ways to get kids up and moving doing physical activities.

Creative movement also helps preschool children and young kids to develop creativity, use of imagination and builds on social skills in classroom settings.
Incorporate creative movement and preschool movement activities with your preschool & kindergarten children today and see just how much fun they will have!