Parents & Care Givers Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

Parent & care giver crafts and activities for kids.As parents & care givers it is important to have a variety of teaching activities for the children in your care.

Keeping children entertained and occupied can be hard enough without worrying about educating them as well.

The craft ideas and activity CD below provides great lesson plan ideas, craft ideas and themes related to laundry, outside play, bathroom ideas, insects etc. with many more fun learning ideas.

These CD’s also include printable activity sheets as well as recipes, games for kids, art & crafts ideas and activity sheets for the children in your care.

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Printables & Activities for Preschool Kids

Below is a List Of Everything On This Preschool Printables Activity CD for Caregivers, Parents & Early Childhood Educators for teaching kids

• Tooth care activity sheets
• Borders
• Car wash activity sheets
• Bugs in our yard activity sheets
• Finger print alphabet
• Garden tools activity sheets
• Hand washing notices and activity sheets
• Printable leaves activities
• “My Pets” Activity sheets
• Multi cultural finger puppets
• Masks
• Multi-Cultural puzzles
• Rainbow activities/Stained glass windows activity
• Cutlery activity sheet
• Printable Insect Snap
• Flash Cards
• Footprint printable

Insect Themes Lesson Plan Recipes

• Cockroaches
• Ants on a log
• Beetle Juice
• Bug Spread

Bathroom Lesson Plan Themes Activities

• Toothbrush and dental care ideas
• Sink or float
• Soap balls
• Bath bombs
• Bath salts
• Bath crayons

Outside Play Theme Activities For Kids

• Wet chalk
• Clean clothes
• Water trough
• Water painting
• Clear plastic painting
• Mud play
• Footprints
• Car wash
• Spray bottle painting
• Treasure hunt
• Volcano activity
• Rocks
• Nature walk
• Garden tools
• Bug collecting ideas
• Birdseed hangers
• Wind chimes
• Hairy friends

Lounge Room Ideas for Kids

• Games
• Sock puppets
• Music and Dance Ideas
• Cubby houses
• Masks and finger plays

Laundry Themes & Lesson Plan Learning

• Dolls clothes
• Pegs
• Goop
• Bubbles
• Iron art
• Snow
• Sparkles
• Soap crayons
• Starchy laundry paint

Preschool printables, craft ideas for preschool, themes and more for kids !

Preschool Theme activities & lesson plans including fun preschool treats and recipes for kids.

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