Kids Growing Activity for Science – Egg Head

PreK science activity ideas, preschool science experiment ideas for preschoolers to learn from

A simple, fun science activity & growing activity for children to study and observe as their ‘egg head’ changes over time.

This kids science idea is also part art activity for your children as they draw on some fun faces or paint and decorate their egghead.

This is a simple growing activity that can be used as science programming for preschool kids learning about growing plants and growing seeds.

Growing Activity Using Science – Egg Head-A Planting:

Below is the fun preschool activity that is both art & pre k science all in one idea.

Watching the grass grow and observing the changes each day make it a great extended science activity and great way for the children to learn about growing.

  • Ask the children what they think the grass will look like when it grows.
  • Discuss what is happening as you monitor the egg heads each day.
  • Talk about the grass seeds, or other seeds you use in the eggshells you before you plant them in the soil.

You can study ‘How Long’ it takes to see the seeds begin to sprout & begin growing and record the growing progress on a piece of construction paper.

Discuss with the preschool children ‘What the sunshine and water do to make the seeds grow’ etc.

There are many open ended questions you can ask the children to help them to observe and think about why and what is taking place in the activity.

Using these questions will encourage the children to communicate and help the preschoolers remain interested in the preschool activities for days.

This Pre K Growing Activity Requires:

  • Clean Eggshell with the top broken off
  • Potting soil
  • Grass seed, Wheat, or Rye Seed (these are easy to grow)
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Permanant Magic Marker
  • Glue, Stapler, or tape to fasten the ring

Activity Directions:

  1. Start with a clean eggshell that has only the top of the shell missing.
  2. Cut a 1 inch” strip of construction paper and make a small ring to hold the egg and keep it from rolling around.
  3. You can decorate the strip with crayons if you desire.
  4. Draw a face on your egg (for young kids, grownup might do this part) Be sure to put it on the upper part of the shell, so that it will show when the egg is on the paper ring.
  5. Fill the shell with potting soil, and then sprinkle seed on top.
  6. Add a very ‘thin; layer of soil over the seeds. Water lightly and keep in a sunny location.
  7. When the grass sprouts, your egghead will grow hair!