Cows Songs for a Preschool Farm Theme or Lesson


Songs about cows for preschool and farm animal songs for kids.Our songs about cows for preschool children are below. If you are looking for specific song topics and themes for teaching preschool and kindergarten kids then – Please visit the Preschool Songs Categories page for all songs and where to find them.

Animal songs for kids like the songs about cows shown below, are a fun educational way for children to learn at about cows and other farm animals while learning at home or in a school setting.

Many pre school songs for kids are simply silly songs with a certain beat or rhythm and a bunch of funny lyrics that the children find fun and pay attention to. The cow song below can be used as an action song by putting some very simple dance or creative movement ideas to the song for the children to follow and copy.


Other than songs about cows, preschool songs and educational kids music can be about teaching lessons in life, kids learning about colors, animals, days of the week and months of the year etc. Kids really love to sing songs and these animal songs and pre k music often helps the kids to listen, focus and pay attention because the music is fun and interesting to them. Preschoolers relate very well to music. It makes an effective & simple teaching tool.


I’m A Black & White Cow Song


I’m a black & white cow and I moo all day,

Standing in the pasture while my tails sways,

I love to eat grass and I love to eat hay,

I’m a black & white cow and I moo all day!


Other Activities for this Preschool Cow Song:


*This fun song can have simple actions or movements put to it while you sing it with the preschool children during circle or with your children at home.

You can build an entire theme around this song. You could have the children where little cow masks and have them dance or mimic you as the teacher while you put some simple movements to the song. Use your imagination.