Fun Animal Feeder Activity for Pre K Children:

Pre k Animal feeder activity for kids.Are you looking for a great preschool activity for you and your children to get involved with?

Here is a fun, simple pre k idea you can use to feed birds, chipmunks and squirrels while you watch them as they eat your yummy treats.

This is a simple, creative idea to help your children learn about animals and could be used along side an animal lesson plan or other activity.

What You Will Need for this Animal Feeder Activity:

  • Colorful pipe cleaners
  • ‘O shaped’ dry cereal (cheerios, fruit loops etc.)
  • Different dried fruits to be strung onto the pipe cleaner pieces
  • You could even use apple slices or banana pieces


Activity Directions:

You can start by having the preschool children pick out their favorite color of pipe cleaner. You can then begin by having the children string half of the pipe cleaner with the dry cereal and fruit pieces.

When the kids are finished stringing on the fruit pieces and dry cereal, tie one end of the pipe cleaner and twist it around so that there is a long piece to wrap around a tree branch.

You could also hang it from a bird feeder, fence, or any other area close to a window where the children can watch it and see animals feeding.


For the picture up above, we used Honey Nut Cheerios and raisins.

Other types of fruit you could use with this are apple rings, craisins, dried apricots, bananas etc.
*This is a cute activity for you to do with the kids that is simple and fun. The children will love the idea of making an animal feeder to feed birds and chipmunks, etc.


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