Preschool Spelling Games & Words Recognition

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Learn to Spell Words & Spelling Games for Kids

Listen to The Pronounced Word & Spell:

Kids spelling games and word recognition activities are important. To preschoolers , kindergarten children and others, learning spelling of English words is a fundamental, basic area of education that is necessary in daily life.

We read words in English each and every day in North America. These words are in magazines, on street signs, in classrooms, online, on menus, food labels, packaging and the list goes on and on. We want to give children learning to read and spell a good solid foundation of learning. If you are looking for an exceptional reading program for your children, check out our Reading Head Start Review on our website.

How to Play The Spelling Word Game:

Simply click on the Next button in this preschool learning game to hear the word in English, then starting from left to right (which is an important item to teach your kids when reading in English) try to read the word and identify each letter. Click each letter of the spelled word to hear it’s alphabetical name and to spell the word.

This spelling game works to identify the pronunciation of the word, then to identify each English alphabet letter that makes up spelling the ‘whole’ word.

You can use this game over and over again in teaching your preschoolers, kindergarten kids and EFL & ESL students.

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