Dress Up Dramatic Play Ideas for Preschool Kids


Dress Up dramatic play ideas for preschool children in the home or classroom.Preschool dramatic play is an area of teaching where you provide real life type scenarios and activities with props, clothing and other materials to allow the children to use their imagination in their play.

Sometimes referred to as imaginative play, dramatic play time is great for children to pretend they are carrying out positive activities they might see their family members or people in the community do.

These could be simple activities like buying groceries, washing your car or cooking in a kitchen etc.

Props and dress up are a big part of dramatic play ideas for kids as it makes things more fun and believable for the children in your preschool center.

Find out how to set up for dramatic play ideas and an educational article on how you can start your own in your classroom or home.


Dress Up Dramatic Play Activity For Preschoolers:


Dramatic play activities for kids or imaginary play, is very important for our children’s growing minds and their early childhood development and creativity.

This is an area where most social interactions take place and you will observe children & preschoolers imitate the experiences they have seen or encountered in their own lives.

Working in and being involved in the childcare/preschool field for a number of years now, we chose as our first dramatic play experience to share is “Dress-Up”.

Dress Up is a big hit with preschoolers & children and here are some imaginative ideas to use to promote ‘Dress Up’ dramatic play, and add to it for weeks of fun with the children.


Day 1: Have a couple of large plastic totes with lids. Fill one with old women’s and men’s clothing, and the other with women’s and mens old shoes.

Have a few small hand mirrors or a large standing mirror available.

(you can save your old clothes instead of throwing them out, or, you can find amazing fun clothes for unbelievable prices at used clothing stores)


Day 3: Add a small box or basket with costume jewelry in it.


Day 5: Add another box or basket with gloves, ties, and bow ties.


Day 7: Add a variety of hats, socks, and stockings.


Day 9: Add pretend or empty perfume/cologne bottles.


Day 11: Add purses and wallets with pretend money.


Day 12: Add brushes and combs.


Bring in New Dramatic Play Props & Items:

Bringing in the new additions every other day will prevent the children or preschoolers from becoming overwhelmed with the large variety of materials for use with ‘Dress Up‘ dramatic play.

It will give them a chance to get used to the materials they have to work with and the additions will flow into their dramatic play with ease.

Sit back and watch the preschoolers & children explore and expand their minds and imagination with this number 1 favorite preschool activity of all time, Dress Up dramatic play.