Construction Theme Preschool Activity & Dramatic Play Idea for Kids

Construction theme dramatic play activity for preschoolers.Preschool children love nothing more than to pretend they are community helpers and this construction theme is a great activity to use with preschoolers.

Construction workers are very popular among preschoolers as well as children of all ages. Using power tools, hammers, saws and big machines to do their job, really captures the interest of preschool and school age children and makes for some great ideas for a fun construction theme.

Setting up a construction worker activity or dramatic play idea for preschool and kindergarten kids is very simple and inexpensive. Here’s a list of some of the props and materials you can use with this construction activity that the preschool kids will love.


Construction Worker Theme & Dramatic Play Item List:Construction dramatic play activity for pre k children.

  • plaid shirts
  • dust masks
  • sand paper
  • wooden block pieces
  • goggles
  • cloth tool belt
  • hard hats (for kids)
  • children’s tool set
  • work gloves
  • real pictures of construction scenes to post on the walls
  • flyers of hardware stores
  • toy walkie talkies
  • toy cell phones

Construction Theme Ideas:

The picture above shows only a fraction of the construction props/materials listed but you can add or take away any items you wish. Many of the items you can collect for free by asking parents, neighbors, family, and friends. Dollar stores make great resources for construction tools and equipment for a reasonable price.


You can find free wooden scrap pieces, sand paper and more at your local hardware store. I find that if you say what you need and what you are using it for they are glad to give you any freebies they have.

Many of the other items such as dust masks, goggles, tools, cell phones, walkie talkies, etc., you can find at dollar stores.


Dress up the walls with the photos of construction workers and flyers you can find in your local paper delivery.


Setting up a construction theme or construction worker dramatic play theme for preschoolers and school age children is easy, fun, inexpensive, and you will enjoy watching the children become little construction workers.


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