Melting Crayons for Science Activity


Preschool science experiment melting crayons.

If you have preschool children who like to color, then you probably have a whole bunch of little odds and ends pieces of wax crayons all over.

A great way to get rid of them and teach your pre k children a FUN, simple activity is melting crayons for science and as a simple learning experiment for use with your kids as outlined below.



This activity helps children see how a solid can become a liquid then a solid again by applying a small source of heat. Children should be kept far away and observing from a distance ONLY!



Melting Crayons Science Project Idea – Getting Started

Have your children or preschoolers prepare for this science experiment and gather all the little pieces of wax crayons that they have laying around and are not using.

The below science project idea will help children to see how heat and cooling affect a solid wax like a non toxic crayon.

*Please ensure crayons are ‘Non-Toxic’ (most are for safety of your children and are labelled as such)


Science Experiment Preparation:


*Careful Adult Supervision is required around Hot stoves and Hot Wax!

Preschoolers / Children should ONLY be observing at this point!


  1. Lightly grease an old pot with cooking spray or oil on the inner bottom and sides.
  2. Take the paper off of the crayons if there is still paper on them.
  3. Place crayons inside and on a very low heat melt the different pieces of wax crayons together.
  4. *Show the children or preschoolers how the crayons are melting, but keep them away from surfaces that can burn them or that are hot.
  5. Ensure that children understand that stoves and burners are very dangerous and they can get hurt, and to NEVER Play with them!


Once Crayon Wax Is Melted:

Once the wax crayons have melted, pour the melted crayon wax into old lightly greased (oil, cooking spray) ice cube trays or other odd shaped items that may act as molds. (old film canisters, old ice cube trays etc..)

You could even use wax paper across a counter or table (up safely away from the little children while the wax cools) and can pour the melted wax into ‘old’ cookie cutter shapes that you no longer intend to use for baking. (*Dollar stores are great places to get these types of cookie cutter shapes)

Have them visible so the pre k children can watch them and see when they become firm and solid.


Using Your New Wax Crayons

Once the molds have set, pop them out and watch your children have tons of fun, as if they just received a brand new box of crayons.

*The multicolored shapes/solids are so fun for preschoolers, toddlers & children to draw and color with.

The children have just experienced a fun science activity and can enjoy using it through a creative art experience.

Have fun with this simple preschool learning idea!