Kitchen Dramatic Play Ideas & House Play for Kids

Kitchen dramatic play ideas and house center dramatic play activities for children.The house dramatic play center or kitchen dramatic play ideas are often the most popular dramatic play areas for many preschoolers and young children. Kitchen dramatic play ideas are a big hit with many young children and preschoolers.

One reason for this is that it allows children the opportunity to engage in real-to-life experiences they may be exposed to at home and in other areas of their daily life.

Kitchen dramatic play centers are effective and fun because preschool children and young children often see mom & dad in the kitchen cooking, baking, washing dishes, using utensils & working the appliances.

There may be other home activities that kids observe their parents doing on a regular basis around the house like, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry and other duties and activities.

If you already have a play kitchen center then you are already half way there. This is one of the main items that will help you with your dramatic play center.


Kitchen & House Center Play Ideas for Kids:

Other items you may want to add into your play center:


  • Dress up clothes (male/female) including shoes, purses, ties, wallets, hats, costume jewelry, etc.
  • Play food, variety of types and cultural food.
  • Mirror
  • Play pots, pans, utensils, dishes, phone, calendar.
  • Real food boxes, jugs and containers (cleaned and empty)
  • Table cloth
  • Child sized broom and dust pan
  • Baby dolls with baby clothes, play diapers and bottles
  • Toy high chair
  • Visual for the wall –real life family pictures.
  • Anything else your creative mind can think up to help the children to learn and experience these ideas..


Observe and Adjust Your Household / Kitchen Dramatic Play Activity:


It may seem that the list above has too many items in it to add into one dramatic play experience. That is where observations and good judgment come into play.

Set up the pretend play center with just the basics and as the preschool children become uninterested in some household items, take them out and replace them with new kitchen/household items they haven’t played with yet. It will keep them interested and keep the dramatic play area busy.


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