Car Wash Dramatic Play Activity for Kids

Kids car wash dramatic play activity for pretend learning in the pre k classroomWhen you are looking for new ideas to teach to your preschoolers, ideas and activities like a kids car wash dramatic play activity can be simple and fun for you and the children in your classroom or your child(ren) which you are educating at home.

Children love to pretend. They love to re-enact everyday things that they see in the world and in the community around them. That is where dramatic play activities are effective and useful teaching ideas.

Car wash dramatic play, or car wash activities for preschoolers will help pre k & kindergarten children to learn new things by experimenting on their own and by interacting with one another as they act and carry out the real life activities associated with the specific dramatic play theme you have set up.

 Dramatic Play Car Wash Activities for Preschoolers:

There are many of these pretend play ideas, and the kids car wash idea for preschool children is one of many that we have on this learning website. You can set it up by doing the following.

Build Your Car Washing Theme with the Kids:

You may want to discuss with the children in a circle activity about car washes. You could talk about the types of things that can be washed at most car washes. (eg.) trucks, cars, motor homes etc.

Use Car Wash Pictures:

You could get pictures of car washes. You could get different color pictures of people washing their cars, trucks, campers etc. Pictures of soap bubbles etc.

For your car wash for kids you could talk about all the things needed to wash cars and trucks etc. Things like buckets, garden hoses, car wash soap, rags, towels, water etc.

Use Books & Stories About Cleaning for Kids:

You could get books talking about washing cars, cleaning etc.

Setting Up the Car Wash Activity for Preschoolers:

  1. In your activity area you would make sure you have things as props to help the preschoolers to mimic the things that would happen at a car wash-the things that you do at a car wash and items you use.
  2. These props would include you bringing some water buckets, Empty dish soap or car soap containers. You would also bring in things like rags, washing sponges, and towels.
  3. You could even maybe cut a small length of garden hose like a foot long or so with the nozzle on the end or a spray nozzle for the kids to use to add to the realism of the learning activity.
  4. You could use a couple of items like tricycles, small bike or kids cars etc. that you might have at the daycare center to allow the children to pretend to wash using the props that go with the activity.
  5. Let the children explore and practice as they have fun washing and playing.

Car Wash Song for Kids or Music:

*You could play music that is about car washing, music about soap and bubbles or just some fun children’s music to help set a fun mood or friendly tone. Just keep it fun.

The play ideas are for children to learn and practice things that they have seen in real life, using real life props.

Let the children play and have fun by using ideas like this in your daily teaching and programming activities with the children. Keep learning fun!