Summer Songs for Kids

Preschool Summer Songs & Circle Songs

Summer songs, nursery songs & preschool songs for children about summer.Fun Summer songs for kids are listed below as well as at the links on the right for you to use with your preschoolers in the classroom or at home.

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Preschool circle songs are an important part of learning for preschool children. Most children in general really love music and fun educational songs with a message or story. Songs can help to really get a child’s attention and help children to learn new things in a fun way as they focus on the lyrics and message of the song no matter how silly they may be sometimes.

Summer songs for kids and preschool songs about the different seasons like summer time, fall, spring songs for kids and winter songs for kids are just one specific type topic for your children’s learning and educational needs. There are many other kids songs on a wide variety of topics like the popular mr sun song and other song ideas and activities in our song section you can use in teaching children.

Songs to Teach Children About Summer:

This particular group of kids songs are summer related and can be sung and used with teaching the pre k and kindergarten children in your care about seasons or specific activities while at home or in a school setting. There are also many summer time activities on this preschool website that you can use with the children to build preschool lesson plans and  pre k themes when teaching kids. You may also be interested in our scarecrow song ideas for children to go along with a summer or fall theme.

Summer Time Is Here Again

Sung to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’

Summer time is here again,

It’s time to laugh and play with friends,

Underneath the warm bright sun,

Summer time is so much fun,

It’s our favorite time of year,

It’s time to run and play and cheer!

Summer Time Song

Sung to ‘Frere Jacques’

Summer Time — Summer Time,

Is here today – here today!

The sun is warm and glowing,

Plants and trees are growing,

Summer time, is here today!

Summer’s Coming – Summer’s Coming

Sung to ‘Frere Jacque’

Summer’s coming, Summer’s coming,

Spring is here, Spring is here..

Flowers & leaves are growing,

Creeks & rivers flowing,

Spring is here – Summer’s near!

Waves in the Sea: (Summer Song)