Songs About Chickens for Preschoolers for a Farm Animal Theme
Chicken songs for preschoolers and kindergarten kids for fun activities.

Here are some simple, fun children’s songs about chickens for preschoolers and various chicken songs for learning about farm animals, birds or learning about chickens.

You could simply use the chicken songs for preschoolers found on this page below, when using a Barnyard lesson plan or a Farm Animal lesson plan with the toddlers, preschoolers and/or kindergarten kids in your classroom. We will post more chicken songs for toddlers and preschool children here as we get them.

There are many preschool songs, besides the chicken songs and song lyrics posted on this preschool learning website which can be used for teaching preschoolers.

Many of these pre k songs can be fun to use during preschool circle time with children learning about various topics you may be teaching. They also work well with similar theme lesson plans.

I’m a Little Chicken Song:

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I’m a little chicken,

I cluck all day,

Out in the barnyard,

I scratch and play,

I LOVE to eat seeds,

and I LOVE to eat grain,

I’m a little chicken,

I cluck all day.

Creative Movement Activity for ‘I’m a Little Chicken’ Song:

You could use the ‘I’m a Little Chicken Song’ with the children and preschoolers in your care and have them move around and interpret how a chicken would move while using this preschool children song.

  • How does a chicken move?
  • How does the chicken move when eating?
  • How does a chicken’s head move when walking?
  • How does a chicken scratch when in the barnyard looking for food?

You could have the children move along with the chicken songs lyrics and mimic how they think that the chicken would be moving as stated in the kids song.

Hey Little Chicken


Hey Little Chicken ,

Clucking in the yard,

Pecking at the seed,

the ground is very hard,

All around the barnyard,

You scratch and cluck and play,

Busy little chicken,

it’s time to end your day.

*The children could practice moving like a chicken in this song. Moving like a chicken would move around a barnyard and following the simple actions of the song. This works as simple creative movement activities for the kids.

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