Toddler Finger Food Recipes

Simple, easy to make toddler finger food recipes and ideas for kids. Sometimes it is important to make healthy snacks for toddlers that are quick and simple for them to eat with their fingers.

This snack page will list some simple, obvious and not so obvious toddler finger food recipes and ideas that are easy and quick to make for busy parents and care providers.

Please feel free to contact us with your simple fun, finger food ideas for kids so that we can share them with our visitors.

Cut Up Bananas & Yogurt:

Simply cut up bananas into small slices then cut the slices in half again to eliminate choking hazards.

Serve with a side of yogurt for healthy delicious dipping.

Salsa and Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips:

A small plate of whole wheat tortilla chips. Add a small scoop of salsa for fresh, healthy dipping and flavor.

Cream Cheese Roll Ups with Fruit:

Fruit flavored cream cheese (your choice) spread on a whole wheat tortillas. Simply roll it up and slice it like a banana. Serve with your choice of fresh fruit and milk or juice.

Sliced Apples with Caramel Sauce:

Wash an apple. Slice it up. Place it on a small plate with a side of caramel dipping sauce for a sweet treat for kids.

Cereal Mix:

Take Cheerios, Shreddies, Crispix and 1 or 2 sweet cereals such as Lucky Charms or Honey Combs etc. Mix approximately 1 cup of each cereal together into a large bowl for the toddlers to snack on as a fun , simple treat.


Air popped popcorn is the healthiest for all of us. If you can make some popcorn-you can add some spray of extra virgin olive oil to the popcorn instead of butter and a little bit of salt or flavoured seasoning like cheese powder, dill, all spice etc. for yummy flavours.