Bottle Green House – Science Activity for Kids

Bottle greenhouse science idea for preschool kids.This plastic bottle greenhouse activity is a great, simple science activity for the preschoolers and kindergarten children to observe while noting or documenting the changes that occur as things begin growing.

If you are looking for things to add to a growing theme or a planting lesson plan for the children in your care, this would compliment it well. You could discuss things that you might grow in a greenhouse, talk about sunlight and how it helps plants and seeds to grow with rain or moisture that the roots needs.

Use your imagination and build a nice lesson plan around this simple growing theme and science related activity for kids.

Kids Bottle Greenhouse Instructions for Learning & Growing

What You Need For This Growing Activity:

  • Some soil
  • Seedlings, seeds or small plant
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic water bottle or beverage bottle with cap

Steps for This Science Activity:

  1. Make sure the plastic bottle is rinsed out well. It doesn’t have to be completely dry inside.
  2. Carefully cut the plastic bottle in half using the scissors.
  3. Being careful of sharp edges – take the bottom portion of the plastic bottle and fill it about half way with soil.
  4. Plant either your seeds, or seedling in the soil-making sure it is lightly covered with soil.
  5. Carefully place the top portion of the plastic bottle back on top of the lower portion of the bottle. Seal them together with the tape and make sure there are no small holes that air or liquid can escape from.
  6. Place just a few drops of water in your bottle greenhouse. Put the cap back on top of the bottle.
  7. Place your Bottle Greenhouse near a bright window where it can get lots of sun and warmth.
  8. In a few days the bottle will begin to ‘sweat’ inside. This is condensation which will help to keep supplying the seeds or plant with moisture to help it to grow. If it is too wet inside open the cap for a while to let it dry out for a little bit.
  9. Check it daily and you will gradually begin to see the plant or seeds growing.

Fun Science Facts For this Kids Science Activity

You can document or chart the noticeable changes taking place each day inside the greenhouse.

You can discuss these changes with the children.

  • You could discuss different types of plants and talk about how big greenhouses work for growing plants etc.
  • Sunlight and it’s warmth, cause the temperature inside the bottle greenhouse to rise.
  • Because it is sealed with a cap or a lid, the sealed air inside stays heated even though the outside air may cool down.
  • The air inside the Bottle Greenhouse turns to water which feeds the plant to keep it healthy and alive.
  • This is a simple, effective and educational science activity for the children to learn about growing and planting and how the greenhouse creates condensation with use of the sunlight and heat or warmth which helps to keep the plant alive or make the seeds grow as the moisture helps them to grow.

Growing Simple Seeds:

You can certainly expand on this fun greenhouse idea by trying to grow different sprouts from simple seeds you can find in stores and garden centers.

Since it is a science idea, try to document or discuss with the children all the changes that are occurring and things you are observing everyday. The children will be very excited as they see the tiny, green leaves poking through the dirt.